14th Annual Innovations in Design Analysis and Dissemination: Frontiers in Biostatistics & Data Science Meeting

Sponsors: Department of Biostatistics & Data Science, the Kansas Western-Missouri Chapter of the American Statistical Association, and the
Quantitative ‘Omics Core that supports the Kansas Institute for Precision Medicine

Day 1 Program
Thursday, April 22nd 2021
Day 1 Zoom URL:
8:45a - 9:00a Opening Remarks: Ronald Wasserstein, PhD, Executive Director of the American Statistical Association (ASA), member and former president of the Kansas Western-Missouri Chapter of the ASA
9:00a - 10:00a Keynote Lecture:Jeffrey Morris, PhD,
A Seat at the Table: The Key Role of Biostatistics and Data Science in the COVID-19 Pandemic
10:00a - 10:05a Break
10:10a - 11:00a Invited Presentations:
  • Invited Speaker: Yanming Li, PhD, A Structured Brain-wide and Genome-wide Association Study Using ADNI PET Images
  • Invited Speaker: Jingru Mu, PhD, Spatially Semiparametric Varying Coefficient Models Over Complex Domains
11:00a - 11:05a Break
11:10a - 12:00p Invited/Contributed Presentations:
  • Contributing Speaker: Eniuce Menezes de Souza, PhD, Wavelet Neural Networks in the recognition of heart disease
  • Invited Speaker: Lynn Chollet-Hinton, PhD, Digital histologic biomarkers and machine learning in population-based research
12:00p - 1:00p Panel Discussion: Careers in Biostatistics and the Data Sciences
  • Moderator: Ryan Boch, MS
  • Panelists: Stefan Graw, PhD; Jennifer Delzeit, MS; Lili Garrard, PhD; Brody Smith, MS
1:00p - 1:05p Break
1:10p - 2:00p Invited/Contributed Presentations:
  • Invited Speaker: Aaron R. Williams, MS, Data Visualization for the Validation of High-Dimensional Data
  • Contributing Speaker: Peng Shi (Graduate Student), Inferences for the Correct Classification Fractions of a Continuous Biomarker in Trichotomous Settings with an Application to Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma
Day 2 Program
Friday, April 23rd 2021
Day 2 Zoom URL:
8:55a - 9:00a Opening Remarks
9:00a - 10:30a Journey Lecture Series:
  • Journey Speaker: Xihong Lin, PhD, From Mathematics to Biostatistics, Genomics and Big Health Data
  • Journey Speaker: David Morganstein, MA, Journey of a Statistical Consultant
10:30a - 10:35a Break
10:40a - 12:00p Invited/Contributed Presentations:
  • Invited Speaker: Jinxiang Hu, PhD, Estimating Power for Clinical Trials with Patient Reported Outcomes Endpoints using Item Response Theory
  • Contributing Speaker: Shachi Patel (Graduate Student), Geographical Support Vector Machines (GSVM) to Analyze Spatially Correlated Data of Urologists' Availability
  • Invited Speaker: Diego Mazzotti, PhD, Using Data Science to Understand the Clinical Heterogeneity of Obstructive Sleep Apnea
  • Contributing Speaker: Ha Trinh, PhD, WFH, Employee's Affect and Productivity: Analyses from a Healthcare IT Company Survey during COVID-19
12:00p - 12:30p Lunch
12:30p - 1:30p Poster Session: https://idad2021.virtualpostersession.org/
**Password for the poster session is the same password used to join the Zoom webinar**
1:35p - 2:15p Contributed Presentations:
  • Contributing Speaker: Qing Xia (Graduate Student), Batch effect Reduction of mIcroarray data with Dependent samples usinG an Empirical Bayes approach (BRIDGE)
  • Contributing Speaker: Steven Orgill (Graduate Student), Using NLP to Detect Suicidal Ideation
2:16p - 2:20p Closing Remarks

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